Once I’ve Gone – a Themis Partnership

Once I’ve Gone – Live for Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

Themis Wealth Management partners with local organisation,  Once I’ve Gone, a service that allows individuals to organise their affairs and make it simpler for their trusted contacts to find the information they need, to sort out their estate after they have died.

Founded by Ian Gibb and based out of Charlestown, Cornwall, Once I’ve Gone was driven by a personal loss. Ian’s sister and mother both died suddenly within two years of each other and he was stuck with finding everything he needed to sort out their estates, whilst dealing with the emotional turmoil from such a great loss.

Ian felt that there was a missing link in the process of dealing with this situation, sadly faced by most people at some time. Solicitors can deal with the Estate and Probate, but often families still have to dig around to find many other types of information, maybe not even knowing what they need to be looking for.

Once I’ve Gone offers a portal where you can add this information, at any stage in your life, to make it easier for those left behind to find.  As well as straightforward facts like household information, banking and insurance details, you can also store more personal items such as a happy photos, memories, or messages that you would like to pass on once you are gone.

The Once I’ve Gone service normally comes with an annual fee of £49.  Thanks to our partnership with Ian, it is available to Themis clients free of charge.  If you would like to take Ian up on this offer, simply get in touch  with us and we will give you a voucher code you can use to sign up.

To find out more, do visit the Once I’ve Gone website or have a look at the video below.