Is a Four Day working week feasible? We think so!

The Themis Office

Kate Gannon of Themis has recently contributed to an article published on FT Adviser as to whether a four-day working week is feasible in the advice industry.

We explained how we think it is totally possible to provide first class financial advice and only work four days a week. We’ve been trialling this approach for a while and have found that productivity has actually improved from giving everyone a bit more of a break.  Our clients have not noticed any difference to their service and are all as happy as ever.

Our staff have either Friday or Monday as their non-working day, and work an hour longer on each of the days they do work. So in fact we are only getting an extra 3 hours off a week but it feels like a lot more!  Because we stagger our days off, there is never any gap in the support we can offer our clients.

As well as moving away from the historic Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, we support our team’s wellbeing in many other ways including duvet days, team lunches and simply checking in to ask how people are at our monthly meetings.

Without our happy team, we are nothing so we will continue to bring in new ideas to support all of our wellbeing and health whenever we think of something that will help us.

To read the full article, do visit FT Adviser.

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